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"Eroncoins.com- Kamil Eron Collection" is a website that is only for the purpose of introducing my collection.
It is forbidden to use the photos in my collection without permission. My collection is registered to Izmir Archeological Museum.
People who wants to examine the collection without paying a fee can do that by writing;
username: demo and password: demo at the home page.
In this way, they can examine only a limited part of the website to have a general idea about its content. To have a full access, you should be a member who pays a fee. At this moment, there is 5000 coins and about 300 objects in my collection.
Montly fee: 10
Annual fee: 60
My account number for membership fees is;
Bank: Isbank
Swift code: ISBKTRIS
Kamil Eron
Iban: TR34 0006 4000 0023 4040 4694 01
Username and password should be used only by one person. If it is detected that the account is shared with other people, the membership will be automatically cancelled without refunding the membership fee.
"Eroncoins.com Kamil Eron Collection" may add and delete coins and objects to his collection.
By clicking the link below to create a membership application, you will accept all the conditions for the membership.
Kamil Eron

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